• Garrett Stangel

What do you believe?

One of my new years resolutions for (forever) has been to elevate my game....from good (some days that was generous) to great! I know it is vague but there is more detailed in my daily journal. The problem consistently came back to me getting in my own way. Does this sound familiar?

In the link below Tony Robbins (watch the video) says that we will defend who we believe we are with our with everything we have. If that’s true, I hope that identity is worth it. In my case, I’ve been defending a belief that I’m not worthy of more and a belief that good is good enough.

While I am always working to remind myself to be grateful, that doesn’t mean we cannot yearn for more. Keeping that in mind...what more do you want? Better health? More love? Less weight? More money? Do you believe that you are worthy of it? If will surely elude you or escape you once you’ve grasped it.

If you... like me have some self limiting beliefs that you’d like to change...try this exercise:

Write the statement you’d like to think about yourself on an index card or on a piece of paper. Read is every day. Even multiple times per day. Brainwash yourself to create what you want for yourself.

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