• Garrett Stangel

Resolve or not. It is up to you!

January is prime time for New Years resolutions both set and broken. It is the time for optimists to set a higher bar for the new year and for pessimists to question the point of setting goals only to abandon them a few weeks later. Good for all of you for setting New Years goals and for questioning them all together. You are both right!

The fact is resolutions can be powerful as they give us a renewed energy toward self improvement. The most notorious resolutions are to improve health and fitness and to improve finances. That is not to say that improvement won’t happen if you don’t resolve. To the contrary, sometimes it happens when the pressure is off but it doesn’t happen by accident. Goals set this time of year do account for lots of personal growth but to the pessimists point....what is the point if you are only going to abandon it a few weeks later. Exactly!

The 4 keys to setting a good resolution are that you:

1. Make it SMART. 

2. Set a big goal but break out down to something you are ready, willing, and able to start today.

3. Build it into your life by scheduling action and reminders.

4. Commit to resolve even after your falter (it happens).

In fact, if I had to put my money on the most important of the four keys, I’d say it is the resolve. Looking in on research to see who does and who does not achieve their goals... it often comes back to the people who fail the most times without giving up. Will it be you?. It can be.

We are setting appointments this week, next week, and for as long as it takes to reassess where you are at this point in the year and to set goals for 2020.  Please let one of us know if you would like to set some time aside with us.

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