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Essential Businesses and Exercise

Since this entire safe at home order has been issued it has continued to burn me as to what is considered essential and what is not.  Bars and liquor stores continue to remain open along with every fast food restaurant, custard stand, and cheesecake places.  I get it, I live in Wisconsin and I love some of them too.

In an email from Club Industry a national fitness consortium... "Physical activity in the United States declined by 39 percent nationwide between March 1 and March 27 with most of the decrease happening after March 13, according to a tracking study by Evidation Health."  Maybe we're being a little too safe at home.  

When will we finally acknowledge that exercise is essential?  That building a healthy and robust immune system is your greatest defense against life threatening illness?  That the consumption of toxic food/beverages weaken our resistance to viruses and all causes of mortality?

We are designed to move and everything about our being works better when we do... including our resistance to the temptations of toxic foods.  In an article from Outside Magazine included here Outside contributor Dan Roe identifies 5 physical adaptations that occur in your body after you give up exercise. (check out another great article I stumbled upon in Forbes)  In short, they are:

Increase of blood pressure - within a day

Insulin resistance - within a week

Muscles shrink - about a week

VO2Max drops (ability to use oxygen in your muscles) - about 12 days

You get grumpier - in as little as a week

The benefits of exercise are well documented and abundant.  It is one of life's few panaceas aside from maybe happiness which it also influences.  Get up, get out, and do something that gets you moving today.

If you are looking for general guidance, try a few of these:

Facebook live - 9Round Fitness 5pm tonight At-Home Kickboxing/Strength training with its company founders.  Memberships available for anyone who wants daily access to these workouts. Message me.

Gympass -  FREE for 30 days through my day job at Balance Fitness - Gympass332059A <-(this is case-sensitive!). 

If you are looking for specifics, message me to get more detailed exercise prescriptions for your life and needs ranging from corrective exercise to training plans for your most daunting challenges. Or connect with us by responding to this email or through our Nudge app because we improve what we measure) My team and I are here to help.

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