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Covid-19 Won't Be the End of the World

Covid-19 will not be the end of the world. It will more likely be a Renaissance.

I hope this blog finds you and yours healthy and safe.  We are still seeing many of you online but it certainly isn't the same as seeing each of you each week.  I hope that you are well but doubt that I am finding you at your best.  Are you still living the dream?

There is much uncertainty right now but you have your health; you have your loved ones (regardless of how you interact with them at the moment); you have food and shelter and hopefully some toilet paper. You’re out of your comfortable routine and now you may be scared. I bet you still have more than you need. Let’s face it you may not have loved the way things were either. Now is your chance to blow it up and reinvent it.

Since we are out of our routine anyway let’s be intentional about how we want to proceed. Don’t just react... be proactive!

For many of you telecommuting or home schooling or feeling semi-retired for the first time it might be time to take a time inventory. Still the same 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in the week. How are using them now?

Try the following activity and then let’s talk about how to be intentional and the next steps.

  1. Log how you spend your time for the next 5-7 days. Fifteen minute increments. If you do something for an hour... log out as four of the fifteen minute increments. Don’t cheat.  Log it all. And not what you think it will be but what it is!

  2. Look at the various things you do and put them into categories. Work, family time, self-care, education, sleep, entertainment (Perhaps you tease out screen time or social media),…

  3. Next, looking at the various categories, rank them in order of importance. Which is the greatest value to you? Do you value family most? Do you value your work most? List them in order of personal importance.

  4. Add up the amount of time you spent in each category.

  5. Compare your priority/value list to your actual time spent doing or investing in each area. Is it what you thought it would be? It’s it what you want it to be? What are you Ready, willing, and able to change and either your time spent going forward or in your priority list?

Have fun with this. It is not intended to be judgmental but hopefully to be explorative. Enjoy the journey.

Be Well,


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