• Garrett Stangel

Victories & Struggles

At what point does it become arrogant or boastful to celebrate our victories? When were we taught that to discuss our strengths was inappropriate or even a sign of weakness?

At this time of the year my clients and I are looking over our progress thus far and celebrating, truly celebrating, our victories. Some have lost weight. Some have grown businesses. Some have reduced health risks or taken bucket list vacations. All are moving closer to Living Balance Fit.

Everyone has their “Why” and we spend our hours, weeks, months, and years working in the service of that why. What is so wrong about pausing to reflect on the progress we have made? I say nothing at all! Share it with your social network; share it with the world; or simply reflect on it in silence and solitude. Either way, allow yourself the time to connect emotionally with the fruits of your labor. You deserve it and you've earned it.

On the other hand struggles and "failures" seem to linger. We have no problem dwelling on them. We may not be so enthused about sharing them, but we do wear them on our hearts long after we've experienced them. Why? Is it more noble to carry our sufferings?

Rather than continually abuse ourselves, replaying our struggles, why not find the lesson in it? What can you learn from it? The lesson is there and it is up to you to find it. If you do, it will lead you to the next victory. If you do not, it will continue to pound you quietly from the inside like an unrelenting bully; except that in this instance, the bully is you.

Every year brings both victories and struggles. Take some time to reflect on yours. Each can serve to inspire and inform your next victory, as well as alleviate the pain and trauma of the struggles past, present, and future.

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