• Garrett Stangel

Happy Heart Day

I mean happy valentines day! As I understand it, this weird holiday originally celebrated the coming of Spring (which cannot come soon enough for me) and rituals of fertility (been there done that). I hope that this email finds you delighted one way or another.

The real spirit behind this message is to share that February is American Heart Month. Cardiovascular Surgeon Caldwell Esselstyn once said "Heart Disease is a toothless paper tiger that need not exist." He was referring to the recent understanding that Heart Diseases can be prevented and/or reversed largely with a plant based diet and exercise. With that said, it is the leading cause of death in America. Some of you reading this now are managing high blood pressure and elevated blood lipid levels (early indicators) while accepting it as a natural part of aging. It is not natural!

Take a look at the AHA's Life's Simple 7 for more info on what you can do to reduce your risks. We want to celebrate many more heart days with you!

Be Well,

Garrett Stangel, MA, ACSM EP-C/EIM2, ACE CMES/CPT/HC

Health and Performance Coach

Balance Fitness

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