• Garrett Stangel

Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine and Balance Fitness

Balance Fitness has always been about more than just exercise for me. I believe that in the 168 hours/week under your control you can do a lot to influence the quality of your life. The workout is an important part but it is only one of many variables.

My mentor told me once that I can either do something I love or I can make a lot of money. It wasn't likely that I would do both. I chose doing something I love. I want to see each of you reach your potential. As importantly, I want to ensure that premature illness, injury and aging doesn't rob you of your potential. Not only will that affect you but it will affect all the people that you influence in a day. My team and I are here to serve. If we can help you feel a little better, then everything that follows will be a little better.

Last month, I was invited to present a webinar on "Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine" for fitness professionals which quietly underlies everything we do at Balance. I wanted to share the presentation with you to perhaps make it a little less quiet. Enjoy it (and feel free to share it) if you will and unlock the power of your choices to influence your lifestyle.

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