• Garrett Stangel

Creatures of Habit

We are hardwired to to make things as easy as possible (avoidance of pain). That’s why we make assumptions, stereotype, and form habit loops. Our brains are taking in a lot of information and trying to make it as easy as possible to execute.

Whether you are working in a weight loss challenge, trying to break some old bad habit, or just trying to reinvent yourself...keep that in mind if you struggle.  The sooner you except that it is a struggle the less power it has over you.  Change is inevitable but change in a positive direction is hard. It goes against many of our habits. But if you are going to be successful, you have to rewire your brain. On the “How to WIN..” pdf, I asked you to begin with your WHY. Did you? This is where your leverage comes from. No leverage, no change. Though even with leverage it won’t be easy. Now that you have some leverage...make it a habit!

To do so:

1. Identify the habit you want to make.

2. Set a trigger (schedule alert, reminders, plant obvious reminders of your intended action)

3. Execute the desired action

4. Reward yourself for taking the action. (Be sure the reward isn’t counter productive.)

If I want to ride my exercise bike each morning, I might set my alarm and set my clothes out (or even sleep in them). When the alarm goes off, I go to the bike. As a reward, perhaps a tv show I enjoy while riding or a podcast or even tuning in to how great I feel at the end of the ride to serve as a reminder to do it more.). The steps will work with anything and if you’re being honest you’ll see it already at work in other areas of your life. Now let’s get out there and make some changes!

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